• SAP Screen Personas 3.0 is a personalization framework integrated into the SAP GUI family. It allows IT professionals and SAP experts to simplify SAP GUI screens (built on SAP’s Dynpro rendering technology). Dynpro technology is used for the majority of classic SAP ERP screens. This course provides you with training on how to create consumer-grade screens. Simpler screens allow users to streamline business processes quickly and easily, leading to improved end-user productivity and satisfaction. This course is eighty percent hands-on, so participants can see how to develop and maintain Screen Personas flavors. The course will also cover core administration tasks, including how to share flavors within their organizations.
  • SAP Screen Personas allows you to:
    • Improve the adoption of SAP software by making screens easier to use
    • Increase employee productivity by simplifying screens to reduce typing
    • Reduce training costs by making SAP more intuitive
    • Enhance data quality by reducing free text entry
  • Access the course here (free of charge).


  • Anyone interested in SAP´s UX strategy
  • Anyone interested in simplifying SAP GUI screens
  • Anyone interested in improving SAP usability
  • User Experience experts
  • Developer
  • Development Consultant
  • Business/data analysts
  • SAP implementation partners
  • Application Consultant
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Solution Architect



  • General knowledge of SAP ERP transactions and how to navigate them


  • None


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  • Course Structure:
    • Week 1: SAP Screen Personas Basics
    • Week 2: Building Simplified Screens
    • Week 3: Scripting and Troubleshooting
    • Week 4: Administration and Performance Tips