• Utilize and describe basic functions for managing production orders (PP-SFC), repetitive manufacturing (PP-REM), process orders (PP-PI), KANBAN (PP-KAN), and capacity requirements planning (PP-CRP) as further options in production management.


  • This course is aimed at consultants responsible for implementing Supply Chain Planning & Manufacturing with SAP ERP Central Component (ECC).
  • The course is also suitable for customers who are still using SAP R/3.



  • Business knowledge in the area of planning and manufacturing
  • TSCM40Planning / Manufacturing I
  • The following is included in postingTSCM42: SM001 Introduction to SAP Solution Manager (which you must study in which you must study in your own time before the start of courseTSCM42


  • None

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP Central Component 6.0 (ECC), Enhancement Package 6


  • Order-controlled production with production orders: Overview of order categories and types, order structure/processing run, order creation/changing orders, interface with planning, order release (status management, availability checks), printing order documents, material staging and withdrawal, process integration (interfaces) and order control, confirmations, goods receipt, order settlement, archiving and deletion, information systems (overview), automation (mass processing, collection orders (multilevel order management))
  • Overview of production with process orders, repetitive manufacturing, KANBAN and capacity planning
  • Integrated case study: implementation of a fictitious demo company using specific business processes, configuration and mapping of the company structure, master data, and business processes in the SAP system ECC.
  • Review and certification preparation
  • Certification examination for Solution Consultant SCM – Planning/Manufacturing with SAP ERP on the content of the coursesSAP129,TERP01,TSCM40, SM001,TSCM42
  • The second part of the Planning/Manufacturing academy (TSCM42) consists of following products:
    • SM001eIntroduction to SAP Solution Manager (e-learning)
    • SCM300Manufacturing Overview
    • SCM310Production Orders
    • Additional material (parts ofSCM365Capacity Evaluation & Leveling in ECC)