• Implement overhead management accounting (OM)
  • Perform actual postings and period end closing activities in OM
  • Perform cost center planning
  • Implement internal order processing
  • Perform product cost planning
  • Implement cost object controlling in a make to stock scenario


  • Consultants responsible for implementing Management Accounting



  • Knowledge of Management Accounting (Controlling)
  • TFIN20contains: E-LearningsTERP01andTERP20, to be completed before starting the training courseTFIN20

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP Central Component 6.0 Enhancement Package 7


  • Organization Units and Master Data of Overhead Management (Cost Elements, Cost Centers, Activity Types, statistical Key Figures, Internal Orders)
  • Debiting Cost Centers and Internal Orders
  • Validation, Substitution, Direct Activity Allocation
  • periodic Postings of Overhead Management (Periodic Reposting, Cost Allocation, Settlement, Overhead Surcharges)
  • Planning of Cost, Activities and Prices
  • Cost Estimate without Material
  • Cost Estimates with Material
  • Cost Object Controlling in a make to stock scenario with Preliminary Costing, Simultaneous Costing and Period end Closing Activities