• Configure and use advanced features of SAP Extended Warehouse Management
  • Configure and use labor management in SAP Extended Warehouse Management


  • Application Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Systems Architect



  • TEWM10Extended Warehouse Management I


  • None

Course based on software release

  • SAP EWM 9.1


  • Basic Setup
    • Performing Basic EWM Data Setup
  • Extension of Work with Deliveries
    • Setting Up Value-Added Services
    • Setting Up Cross-Docking
    • Creating Direct Outbound Deliveries
  • Expansion of your Warehouse
    • Setting Up Yard Management
    • Setting Up the Determination of Staging Areas, Doors and Routes
    • Planning Transportation
  • Optimization of Resources and Processes
    • Setting Up Travel Distance Calculation
    • Using Mobile Data Entry
    • Working with Resources
    • Setting Up the Pick, Pack and Pass Process
  • Control of Physical Movements in the Warehouse
    • Setting Up Layout-Oriented Storage Control
    • Integrating a Material Flow System
  • Integration of Manufacturing
    • Integrating Manufacturing Processes
    • Working with Serial Numbers
    • Using Quality Management in SAP EWM
    • Setting Up a Kit-To-Order Process
  • EWM Analytics
    • Using Monitoring and Analytical Functions
  • Explanation of the features and functions of Labor Management.
  • Activating Labor Management
  • Explanation and creation of the processor master data
  • Configuration of the external steps and activities
  • Configuration of preprocessing
  • Definition and configuration of engineered labor standards (ELS)
  • Usage of the formula and condition editors
  • Explanation of the basic concepts and use of the travel distance calculation function.
  • Explanation, creation and recording of direct and indirect labor tasks.
  • Selection and evaluation of indirect labor tasks using the warehouse management monitor
  • Usage of the RF framework to create and process indirect labor tasks