TAW1e – SAP E-Academy NetWeaver – ABAP Basics (SAP NetWeaver) | SAP TRAINING COURSES

The eAcademy content is accessable for 5 months for supported learning at your own pace. You will receive access information from your local training department. Please book the complete package referring to the code “TAW1e”.

The eAcademy TAW1e is a package of the following training contents:

  • TAW10 ABAP Workbench Fundamentals (e-learning + student handbook)
  • TAW12 ABAP Workbench Concepts (e-learning + student handbook)
  • TAW11e ABAP Details (e-learning) 

The recommended certification test is NOT included in the eAcademy package and must be purchased separately. 

Help Desk Support is provided for the participants to enable them to understand the training material, resolve queries and assist in assignments during the access period. In this timeframe the participants will get access to training systems to work through the exercises and demo scenarios. 

For more information please contact your local training department.

TAW1e - SAP E-Academy NetWeaver - ABAP Basics (SAP NetWeaver)

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