• This course will prepare you to:
    • Use your knowledge of database administration with reference to CCMS database tools in SAP systems and BR tools
    • Put effective data backup strategies into practice
    • Put to practical use SAP knowledge gained from previous courses and from this course in the role of junior consultant in a practical context


  • Database Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Technology Consultant



  • TADM10
  • TADM12
  • Sound knowledge of administering the Oracle database


  • none

Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.40
  • Oracle 12c


  • Database Overview
    • Reviewing Database Architecture
    • Connecting to the Database
    • Using Database Administration Tools
    • Administrating Oracle Instances
  • Backup, Restore and Recovery
    • Reviewing a Backup Strategy
    • Reviewing Backup Tools
    • Performing Backups
    • Performing Restore and Recovery
    • Working with Advanced Backup Techniques
  • Monitors and Tools
    • Introducing Oracle Data Management
    • Managing Database System Check
    • Explaining CCMS Alert Monitor
  • Space Management
    • Administrating “Table Spaces”
    • Performing Reorganization of Tables
    • Housekeeping and Troubleshooting
  • Oracle Cache Management
    • Introducing Oracle System Global Area
    • Introducing Automatic Oracle Program Global Area (PGA)
  • Monitoring of the Database Instance
    • Using the DBA Cockpit to Monitor the Database
    • Understanding the DBA Cockpit support of Oracle database features
  • Application Design Analysis
    • Understanding the Impact of Expensive SQL Statements
    • Using SM50/SM66 to Find Expensive SQL Statements
    • Using ST03/STAD to Find Expensive SQL Statements
    • Using ST04 to Find Expensive SQL Statements
    • Using SQL Trace to Find Expensive SQL Statements
    • Monitoring Exclusive Lock Waits
  • Index Management and Optimization
    • Utilizing Indexes
    • Creating an Index
  • Cost-Based Optimizer
    • Updating Statistics
    • Detecting problems with Optimizer statistics
  • Analysis of Physical and Logical Layout
    • Defragmenting Indexes
    • Working with I/O Contention
  • Memory Configuration Analysis
    • Describing Data Buffer Utilization
    • Analyzing Efficiency of Shared Pool
    • Monitoring the Automatic Program Global Area (PGA)