• Understand SAP Mobile Platform terminology, concepts, security and architectures
  • Familiarize yourself with the SAP Mobile Platform 3.0
  • Learn how to map SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 to your business needs
  • Define Application (App) requirements
  • Install an SAP Mobile Platform Server
  • Install an SAP Relay Server
  • Monitor the Platform using the SAP Management Cockpit
  • Configure SAP Mobile Platform 3.0
  • Configure the Server Log
  • Create an Application Configuration
  • Perform App Configuration tasks
  • Deploy SAP Agentry Work Manager
  • Deploy Hybrid Apps Using the Kapsel App Update Plugin
  • Manage the Integration Gateway
  • Identify Agentry and SAP Mobiliser Components
  • Perform SAP Mobiliser Administrative Tasks
  • Configure the SAP SMS Builder
  • Perform Security Administration
  • Perform SAP Mobile Platform Reporting and analyze report data Using SAP Solution Manager
  • Learn how to apply techniques for platform performance tuning and maintenance
  • Perform platform troubleshooting on clients and the server


  • Application Consultant
  • Database Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Technology Consultant



  • MOB01
  • SMP140
  • Understanding of deployment methodologies
  • High-level understanding of database and internet technologies, such as REST services, SOAP web services, ERP systems, encryption and authentication methods, enterprise data servers


  • Experience with application servers and database servers is helpful

Course based on software release

  • SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 SP05/SP06 SDK


  • SAP Mobile Platform Architecture
    • Mapping SAP Mobile Platform to Business Needs
    • Determining the Impact of SAP Mobile Platform on Business Needs
    • Defining Application (App) Requirements
  • System Design and Installation
    • Downloading SAP Mobile Platform
    • Configuring an SAP Mobile Platform Database
    • Installing an SAP Mobile Platform Server
    • Installing a Relay Server
  • Platform Administration with the Management Cockpit
    • Defining Platform Administration
    • Monitoring the Platform Using the Management Cockpit
    • Configuring SAP Mobile Platform
    • Configuring the Server Log
    • Creating an Application Configuration
    • Performing App Configuration Tasks
    • Deploying SAP Agentry Work Manager
    • Deploying Hybrid Apps Using the Kapsel App Update Plugin
  • Administration of Integration Gateway
    • Managing the Integration Gateway
  • SAP Mobiliser
    • Identifying SAP Mobiliser Components
    • Performing SAP Mobiliser Administrative Tasks
    • Configuring the SAP SMS Builder
  • Security Administration
    • Defining Platform Security Administration
    • Configuring Platform Authentication
    • Encrypting Application Payloads
    • Configuring Security for the SAP Mobile Platform Database
    • Securing the Platform Using a Reverse Proxy and Relay Server
    • Securing an App
    • Securing Mobile Devices
  • SAP Mobile Platform Reporting
    • Defining SAP Mobile Platform Reporting
    • Analyzing Reporting Data Using SAP Solution Manager
  • Platform Performance
    • Defining Platform Performance Tuning
    • Defining OData Models for Performance
    • Defining Load Tests
    • Defining Platform Sizing
  • Platform Maintenance
    • Performing Common Maintenance Tasks
    • Performing App Maintenance Tasks
  • Platform Troubleshooting
    • Performing Platform Troubleshooting
    • Performing Client App Troubleshooting

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SMP72E - SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 Administration

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