• In this course, participants learn how to apply KANBAN techniques
  • Participants become familiar with prerequisites and background of lean concepts They learn how to implement the KANBAN processes
  • They learn how to make corresponding customizing settings


  • This course is aimed at project team members and key users (persons from special departments) who are responsible for Kanban material replenishment to map lean processes



  • SCM300Business Processes in Manufacturing (SAP ERP)


  • SAPSCMSAP Supply Chain Management Solution Overview
  • Experiences in external procurement and inventory management
  • (see note at the end)

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP Central Component 6.0 (ECC) Enhancement Package 7


  • Business process and philosophy of KANBAN
  • KANBAN master data (supply area, control cycle)
  • Operative mapping of KANBAN processes with kanban board, manual entry, barcode and RFID
  • Possibilities for KANBAN material replenishment via in-house production (processing with repetitive manufacturing planned orders, production orders, collective production orders, or manual KANBAN), external procurement (processing with purchase orders, scheduling agreement schedule lines, stock transfer orders and scheduling agreements) and via stock transfer (direct stock transfer posting, stock transfer with reservation, stock transfer with transfer requirements from WM storage location)
  • Possibilities for KANBAN material replenishment in combination with MRP (including Heijunka process), processing with repetitive manufacturing planned orders, external procurement with summarized JIT call
  • Special processes (event-driven KANBAN, consumption to cost center, KANBAN with SD delivery, quantity signal, KANBAN calculation, KANBAN with SAP SNC, and RFID-KANBAN)
  • Error handling (Alerting, KANBAN correction)