• In this course, participants gain a fundamental understanding of the integration of SAP ECC with SAP SCM.
  • Participants become acquainted with the data transfer of master data from SAP ECC to SAP SCM and bi-directional data exchange of transaction data between both systems.
  • Participants will be made familiar with the meaning, the structure and the handling of integration models which form the basis of the Core Interface.


  • This course is aimed at project team members and key users (persons from special departments) who are responsible for the data integration between Systems SAP ECC and SAP SCM.



  • SAPSCMSAP Supply Chain Management Solution Overview


  • None

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP Central Component 6.0 (ECC), Enhancement package 6
  • SAP SCM 7.0, Enhancement package 2


  • Architecture of the integration of the system SAP ECC with the system SAP SCM: logical systems, target systems, queued RFC, RFC-destinations, business system group
  • Generation of integration models for the core interface (selection of master and transaction data which should be transferred)
  • Activation of integration models (transfer of the selected data)
  • Initial and change transfer of fundamental master data from the SAP ECC (e.g. plant, distribution center, material)
  • Real-time transfer of transaction data (stocks, orders) from SAP ECC as well as retransfer of transaction data like planning results from SAP SCM to SAP ECC
  • Reports for routine operation
  • Monitoring and treatment of errors during the transmission (CIF cockpit, SCM queue manager, qRFC monitor, application log, and so on)