• Perform design decisions for SAPUI5 desktop and mobile applications
  • Develop desktop and mobile applications using the SAP SAPUI5 framework, Eclipse and SAP Web IDE
  • Create the necessary HANA Cloud Platform account to configure HCPms


  • Business Process Owner/Team Lead/Power user
  • Developer
  • Developer Consultant
  • Technology Consultant



  • SAPX04 or equivalent JavaScript and HTML5 experience


  • Familiarity with object-oriented programming

Course based on software release

  • SAP Fiori & SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7 latest SPS & NW7.40 latest SPS (with latest SAPUI5 component)


  • SAPUI5 Overview
    • Describing SAP User Experience
    • Understanding SAPUI5 Architecture
  • SAPUI5 Development Options
    • Working with SAPUI5 in Eclipse
    • Setting up a HANA Cloud Platform Account
    • Exploring the Basics of SAP WEB IDE
  • SAPUI5 Project Basics
    • Using the Model View Controller (MVC) Design Pattern
    • Creating a WEB IDE Project
    • Applying SAPUI5 Programming Basics
  • SAPUI5 Controls
    • Describing SAPUI5 UI Controls
  • SAPUI5 Application Debugging
    • Using Browser-based Debugging Tools
    • Exploring Available SAPUI5 Documentation
    • Exploring SAP Web IDE Code Assist
  • Layouts and Custom Controls
    • Using Layouts and UI Areas
    • Creating Custom Controls
  • Data Handling
    • Exploring Model Types
    • Performing Binding Operations
    • Performing Property Binding Operations
    • Performing Advanced Binding Techniques
    • Performing OData Query Options
    • Performing Common Data Operations: Format
    • Performing Common Data Operations: Sort and Filter
    • Performing Common Data Operations: Calculated Fields and Data Validation
  • Additional SAPUI5 Development Features
    • Working with Resources
    • Building Apps Using Modularization
    • Performing Application Localization
    • Working with Components
    • Working with Charts
    • Using Third-party Libraries
    • Optimizing SAPUI5 Apps
  • SAPUI5 Branding
    • Using Themes in SAPUI5
    • Adding Styles to an Application