• Explain Maintenance and Repair business processes
  • Execute maintenance tasks
  • Define relevant organizational elements used in Plant Maintenance


  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Industry Specialist
  • Program / Project Manager




Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0 with Enhancement Package 7


  • Plant Maintenance Organization
    • Outlining EAM Processes and SAP Solution Portfolio
    • Outlining the SAP User Interfaces and Roles
    • Executing Maintenance Tasks with NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC)
    • Checking Organizational Levels in Plant Maintenance
  • Technical Objects
    • Checking Functional Locations
    • Managing Equipment
    • Checking Linear Asset Management (LAM)
    • Assigning Bills of Material (BOMs) to Technical Objects
  • Breakdown Maintenance
    • Planning Breakdown Maintenance
    • Processing a Breakdown Maintenance Order
  • Corrective Maintenance
    • Outlining Corrective Maintenance
    • Processing External Services
    • Creating Notifications of Maintenance Requirements
    • Creating Maintenance Orders
    • Planning of Maintenance Orders
    • Planning of Maintenance Orders for Operation Account Assignment (OAA)
    • Selecting Maintenance Orders
    • Planning for Maintenance Orders
    • Scheduling Maintenance
    • Executing Maintenance Tasks with SAP GUI
    • Completing Notifications and Orders
    • Confirm and Technically Complete an Order
    • Creating a Shift Report
  • Refurbishment of Spare Parts
    • Checking Prerequisites in Materials Management (MM)
    • Refurbishing Spare Parts Internally
    • Refurbishing Spare Parts Externally
  • Preventive Maintenance
    • Outlining Preventive Maintenance
    • Checking the Maintenance Task List
    • Creating Maintenance Plans
    • Scheduling Maintenance Plans
  • Project-Oriented Maintenance
    • Outlining Project-Oriented Maintenance
  • Supplementary Processes for SAP Enterprise Asset Management
    • Outlining Mobile Applications for SAP Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM)
    • Using Visual Enterprise Documents
    • Describing Basic Maintenance Processing
    • Outlining Pool Asset Management (PAM)
    • Outlining SAP Work Clearance Management (WCM)
    • Applying Worker Safety
  • Report and Analysis of Information for SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
    • Analyzing Maintenance History with the Logistic Information System (LIS)
    • Evaluating Plant Maintenance with SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW)
    • Outlining Rapid Deployment Solution EAM Analytics
  • SAP Enterprise Asset Management Customizing Implementation
    • Outlining SAP Enterprise Asset Management Customizing Implementation