• Consultants and developers who want to use the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 for developing server-side applications.



  • JA100SAP J2SE Fundamentals
  • or equivalent knowledge
  • Knowledge of HTML, especially HTML forms


  • None

Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1


  • Stateless/Stateful Session Beans and Message Driven Beans (EJB 3.0)
  • Java standalone clients and web clients for EJBs
  • Java Message Service (JMS)
  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
  • Java Persistence API 1.0
  • Timer Service
  • Java Mail API
  • Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI)
  • Entity Callbacks and Listeners
  • Interceptors
  • Transactions
  • Security
  • Web Service Standards: JAX-WS
  • Web Applications (Servlets, JavaServer Pages, JavaServer Faces (JSF))
  • Java Connector Architecture

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JA400 - Introduction to Java EE 5

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