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You Are A Techie

Are A Techie?

Are you that sort of person who cannot stay away from being constantly connected to technology? Do you always think about opening your phone up even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with it? Are you always on Google or on your smart phone checking out the latest technologies and updates coming up? If you nodded your head for all of the above questions, you are definitely a techie. Here are 7 points that make you a tech junkie:

1. Desperation for latest devices

No matter what device it maybe, if it is the latest, you want it. Sometimes you do not understand the need to own the latest gadget in the world, but because it is new and you are a techie, you need to have it. There are people who buy anything and everything possible and then do not know what they have to do with it.

2. You have to be in touch

There is nothing that can come between a tech and his/her gadget. Not friends, not family and not even food. The stomach might crave for food, but the heart is not. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Pinterest, you must be connected to at least one online network. Even if you are out on a date with that special someone, or just hanging out with a bunch of friends, you cannot stop emailing or texting or googling. If you do not have internet on your device, you feel paralysed.

3. Waiting to buy the latest gadget in the market

You Can´t Live Without Technology

You Can´t Live Without Technology

The third sign of being a complete techie is waiting for the latest gadget. You probably want to be the first among your friends to get your hands on the latest gadget. As a tech, your happiness can only be achieved by walking out of the store with the newest and latest gadget in your hand.

4. You want to everyone to be like you

You have friends and family that do not understand your craze. You want to show them the newest gadget or the latest update that just came in your phone. You want them to experience the same kind of joy, that you experienced when you purchased your latest device and you want to tell them how this world would be a better place if they were a techie, just like you.

5. You cannot live without it

Imagine your life without a gadget, miserable? You cannot even begin to imagine not having technology in your hand and stay connected to all the latest updates. You imagine your life with just a radio. You need your smart phone, your Ipad, your Ipod, your play station. You can only breathe when you have these things.


6. You think you have super powers

You Live In A Technological World

You Live In A Technological World

You tend to love the way people approach you for help. You love the way they are so handicapped without you, (if you are the only techie in the family). You love acting as your mother’s mother.

7. You love meeting people like you

When you come across people like you, you feel like the world is turning into such a better place to live in.
You’re absolutely a techie if you possess all these points in you. You are definitely a smart person, who can save a lot of gadgets lives.