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Sunglasses Sometimes Are A Necesity

Sunglasses Sometimes Are A Necesity

While driving down the road under the sun on a lovely warm day, the only thing that can spoil your fun is the glare in your eyes. You can avoid it by wearing sunglasses but only if you are not wearing your regular prescription eyeglasses. You may be carrying the clip-on sunglasses, but you know how inconvenient it is putting them on when you are driving. This is when you realize that prescription sunglasses may be a better option.

They Work if You Have Contacts

Even if you wear contact lenses, you may find prescription sunglasses handy at times. For instance, while on a beach you may want to wear a prescription sunglass to avoid damage to your contact lenses due to sand and water. Wearing normal sunglass over the contact lenses may still cause damage to the lenses and your eyes. If you have a prescription sunglass then you can carry it anywhere you want to and wear it conveniently whenever you need to.

What Options Are Around?

Looking Cool Wearing Sunglasses

Look Cool Wearing Your Sunglasses

Lens options for prescription sunglasses are virtually unlimited. You can get a prescription sunglass in just about any lens type. You can choose from lens materials such as polycarbonate, high-index plastic lenses, trivex lenses, aspheric lenses, polarized glasses, photochromic lenses and normal glasses.

Many consider that glass lenses offer the best optical quality but they are no longer the favorites. Their fragility is a clear disadvantage. Even if dropped from a small height they may break into pieces. Additionally, they are heavier than other materials and more inconvenient while wearing.

Polycarbonate lenses are quite impact-resistant and are more suited for people who are frequently involved in outdoor activities and sports. These lenses do not break easily and are scratch resistant too. Trivex lenses are quite similar to polycarbonate lenses, but they are made of better quality plastic and offer superior optical quality. Both these lenses offer ultraviolet protection.

People who do not want to keep two separate sets of eyeglasses for indoors and outdoors purposes can opt for photochromic prescription sunglasses. These sunglasses look like normal glasses but they darken automatically in the sunlight. When taken back indoors, they return to their normal state.

Can Your Sunglasses Block UV Rays?

The most important function of any sunglass is to block UV rays. UV protection is independent of the color density of the sunglass lenses. You only need to verify that the prescription sunglass you are buying offers 100 percent UV rays protection. UV rays can harm your eyes unless you have the right sense of protection.

These Sunglasses are Truly Convenient

Prescription sunglasses might cost a little more but they will be extremely convenient. You don’t need to carry additional clip-on shades. You can also wear them at places where you cannot wear contact lenses.

Prescription sunglasses are available in almost all the shapes and sizes as normal prescription eyeglasses. They are also available in almost all the styles as regular sunglasses, including brands, and designs.

What Will They Cost?

Choose The Right Sunglasses For You

Choose The Right Sunglasses For You

It’s a common misconception that prescription sunglasses are extremely expensive. They may be only as expensive as your normal sunglasses depending upon the type of lens and design that you go with. You can expect to buy a set of prescription sunglasses starting at $70 and going up to $700. Of course they are more expensive than your regular eyeglasses because they serve two in one purpose: They are not only able to protect your eyes but they will also be nice for helping you to keep your sight intact.

It’s true that prescription sunglasses can cost a good deal of money but they are especially convenient. They will certainly help you out with keeping your vision intact and will make you look impressive.