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Looking For Love Online

Looking For Love Online

There are about a million profiles floating in the dating websites and your profile is just one of them. Therefore, it has become that much more important to make a profile that actually gets read. Here are some tips that will make sure that your profile is not just viewed but read through too.

Be a good storyteller

Your Profile is a way of selling yourself and hence you should consider yourself to be a salesman. A good salesman is a good storyteller. Therefore, you need to be a good storyteller if you want to get the profile read. Just listing down your qualities will not help you. Thousand others have the same qualities so why should someone stop and read your profile. If you express the same qualities in the form of a story then it interests the reader.

Start is the key

Place Every Idea Carefully To Attract The Person You Want

Place Every Idea Carefully To Attract The Person You Want

According to dating websites experts, more than 80 percent people just scan through the first few lines of a profile before going to the next one. Therefore, if you want to make an impression, start is the most important. Be creative of how you want to express yourself in the first few lines. If the start is good, high chances that your profile will be read until the end. The trick is that the start should make the person curious about you. Regular starting line that I am a beautiful/handsome guy/girl who is ambitious, intelligent, blah blah is not very common, it seems a little phony too. Be real but in a creative way.

Do not oversell

You do not have to shout on the rooftop about your good qualities. Be as subtle as you can be. There is nothing more appealing than simplicity when expressed gracefully. People do not want to know how perfect you are in almost everything in this world. Flaunt just a couple of good qualities if you must but do not oversell at all. It should not be in your face.

Honesty is the best policy but you can hide a few facts

Think About What You want To Say

Think About What You want To Say

There is no point lying about yourself because even if you get to the actual date, you will put off that person who expected someone completely different. Therefore, honesty saves time, effort and may get you to a person who matches your frequency. However, honesty does not mean telling the world how bad you are at cooking or how much you hate kids and how you can live on just bear and pizzas for months. You can hide a few irrelevant facts for now.

Check your grammar and spelling

The biggest turnoff in a profile is when there is a “u” instead of you. Dating profiles do not have to be written in the same style as you probably write texts or messages. Double check the grammar and spelling before uploading your profile.

You Are Ready To Start Dating Online...

You Are Ready To Start Dating Online…

Your profile should depict how you are and not how others want you to be. It should be grounded and real. In a nutshell, it is an art of expressing the truth with a pinch of creativity and a dash of humor.