Course announcements

  • Advanced configuration class covering IBP for Inventory customizing which is not common to other IBP parts (which are covered in IBP200 or SOP200 class). The class shows how to make the IBP for Inventory solution work.


  • Overview of IBP for Inventory
  • How IBP for Inventory fits into the S&OP process
  • Required Attributes and Key figures
  • Master Data Setup
  • Executing IBP for Inventory


  • Application Consultants and Support Consultants
  • Key Users
  • Project Manager



  • SOP200


Course based on software release

  • SAP IBP – release 4 SP1 Patch 3


  • Business Planning Ÿ -> SAP IBP – Overview Ÿ -> Integrated Business Planning – the process
  • Integrated Business Planning for inventory Ÿ -> Drive S&OP decisions to inventory targets for the Planners Ÿ -> Visibility to check master data, determine root causes of inventory Ÿ -> Efficiently position inventory to best absorb variability in complex networks
  • Inventory model of the Demand Driven Supply Chain Ÿ -> Determine value of other improvements in forecast, supply, lead- time
    • “Base Case” economics for other Supply Chain projects Ÿ -> Important variability analytics for root cause analysis, reporting, and improvement
  • Configuration Ÿ -> Single Stage Inv>entory Optimization Ÿ -> Multi Stage Inventory Optimization. Ÿ -> Planning Area Configuration Ÿ -> Planning Area Configuration – Attributes and Master Data Types Ÿ -> Planning Area Configuration – Key figures and planning levels Ÿ -> Network Visualization Ÿ -> Closer Look into selected key features