• Explain hybris Marketing at a high level and describe the key features of every component
  • Perform essential marketing tasks within the application


  • Business stakeholders
  • Decision makers
  • Project managers
  • Application consultants



  • Fundamental understanding of marketing concepts


  • None

Course based on software release

  • hybris Marketing 1511


  • Module 1 – Introduction and Overview
    • Goals of the course
    • Introduction of every component
  • Module 2 – Marketing Data Management
    • Understand the Contact Fact Sheet
    • Use Contact Engagement, Sentiment Engagement and Customer Journey Insights to analyze your customer base
  • Module 3 – Segmentation and Target Groups
    • Effectively leverage filters to identify the right audience
    • Create and manage Target Groups
  • Module 4 – Recommendation
    • Provide consumers with real-time product recommendations
  • Module 5-œ Acquisition – Campaign Management
    • Differences between automated and trigger-based campaigns
    • Multiwave and Facebook campaigns
    • Leverage content templates and personalize campaign content
    • Analyze the success of campaigns
  • Module 6 – Insight
    • Leverage the Relationship Analysis tool to analyze business data
    • Effectively use Customer Stratification to better understand your customer portfolio
    • Create reports with an exact breakdown of your customer-related margin, pocket margin and gross margin using the Margin Decomposition application
    • Review the success of marketing investments using the Marketing Executive Dashboard
  • Module 7 – Planning
    • Leverage the Marketing Calendar to set up transparent marketing plans
    • Manage and gain insights into marketing budgets and spends
  • Module 8 – Technical Basics and Administration
    • Understand the underlying architecture of the solution
    • Get an overview of inbound and outbound integration possibilities
    • Learn how Predictive Models are used to calculate probabilities and trends
    • Introduction to Business Administration tools