• This course will prepare you to:
    • use basic and some advanced SQL techniques for querying and manipulating data in an SAP HANA database
    • develop user-defined functions and database procedures using SQL Script


  • Application Consultant
  • Database Administrator
  • Developer
  • Developer Consultant
  • Technology Consultant



  • n/a


  • n/a

Course based on software release

  • SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 01


  • SQL and the relational database model
  • Reading data from a table or view
    • Calculated Columns and Functions
    • CASE expressions
    • Duplicate Elimination
    • Sorting and limiting result sets
    • The WHERE clause
    • Aggregating and grouping data
  • Reading data from multiple tables or views: Unions, Joins and Sub Queries
  • Understanding NULL values
  • Changing data stored in tables
  • Defining how data is stored using SQL
  • Creating user-defined functions and database procedures using SQL
    • SQL Script basics
    • Scalar user-defined functions
    • Table user-defined functions
    • Database procedures
  • Defining data access using SQL