• Describe the concept and methods of E2E Change Control Management.
  • Leverage the SAP Solution Manager as an application platform for E2E Change Control Management.


  • Change Managers (Responsible for documentation, approval and change processes)
  • System Architects (Responsible for the design of the transport landscape topology)
  • System Administrators (Responsible for executing transports)
  • Development Consultants (Responsible for performing development changes)
  • Support Manager and members of the customer’s SAP competence center (CCC): Responsible for Reporting and Diagnostics capabilities
  • Technology Consultants



  • Fundamentals of SAP Software Change Management
  • Basic Knowledge of the SAP Solution Manager


  • E2E040Run SAP, End-to-End Solution Operations

Course based on software release

  • SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP12


  • Introduction to E2E Change Control Management
  • Change and Transport System
    • Describe the best practices for the setup and usage of CTS and CTS+ in different scenarios
  • Reporting and Analysis Tools / CTS Analytics
    • Report on current system configuration items
    • Configure and Run Configuration Validation reports to compare multiple systems
    • Learn how to use the Transport Execution Analysis Self Service in SAP Solution Manager
  • Software Change Strategies
    • SAP best practices for transport landscape topologies and Release Management
  • Transport Management with SAP Solution Manager
  • Use the SAP Solution Manager for Transport Management
    • Understand Cross System Object Locking and Downgrade Protection
    • Use retrofit in a dual landscape
    • Understand the key features of central CTS
  • Quality Gate Management (QGM)
    • Administration and grouping of transport requests
    • Setup of Quality Gate Management
    • project phases in Quality Gate Management
    • Usage of Quality Gate Management as a central Transport Management Tool
  • Change Request Management
    • Understand the different use cases for Change Request Management → Tool based workflow for the execution of change requests from development to production
    • Understand, how to work with Change Request Management