• Install and Distribute Software
  • Administer the Repository
  • Define Profiles


  • System Administrator
  • Technology Consultant



  • DBA knowledge if the repository is maintained by the student,
  • LDAP and SMTP knowledge; understanding of role-based authorization concepts.

Course based on software release

  • SAP PowerDesigner 16.5


  • Installation Planning
    • Planning the SAP PowerDesigner Environment
    • Installing SAP PowerDesigner
  • Administration
    • Managing Licenses
    • Configuring the Repository Connections
  • SAP PowerDesigner Repository
    • Defining the Repository Structure
    • Managing Releases in the Repository
  • SAP PowerDesigner Web Portal
    • Navigating in the Repository Web Browser
  • Security
    • Creating Users and Roles in the Repository
    • Granting Access Permissions on Repository Items
    • Controlling Repository Access
    • Administering Local and Repository Profiles
  • Solution Implementation
    • Creating Model Templates
    • Managing Resource Files in the Library Folder
    • Delivering Content to Users with the Library
    • Configuring a Workflow
  • SAP PowerDesigner Lifecycle Management
    • Planning SAP PowerDesigner Updates