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Archive for the ‘Inside My Head’ Category

Are you that sort of person who cannot stay away from being constantly connected to technology? Do you always think about opening your phone up even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with it? Are you always on Google or on your smart phone checking out the latest technologies and updates coming up? If you  [ Read More ]

There are about a million profiles floating in the dating websites and your profile is just one of them. Therefore, it has become that much more important to make a profile that actually gets read. Here are some tips that will make sure that your profile is not just viewed but read through too. Be  [ Read More ]

While driving down the road under the sun on a lovely warm day, the only thing that can spoil your fun is the glare in your eyes. You can avoid it by wearing sunglasses but only if you are not wearing your regular prescription eyeglasses. You may be carrying the clip-on sunglasses, but you know  [ Read More ]

Landing pages play an essential role to the number of leads you will generate. Many landing pages have the same errors that you should never commit. Correcting these mistakes can definitely help your business get more leads. With the help of, you won’t only have attractive landing pages, but effective ones. Here’s how  [ Read More ]

There are many business owners who have already found blogging effective and they do it regularly and consistently. However, there are many who have some secret fears due to which they do not take up blogging. As a business owner if you also have some fears keeping you from blogging, then you would like to  [ Read More ]