• The “SAP Certified Technology Associate – SAP Solution Manager (Root Cause Analysis) 7.1 SP12” certification exam verifies a basic knowledge of Root Cause Analysis and the use of different tools predominantly in the area of Solution Manger Diagnostics. This certificate proves that the candidate has the ability to follow appropriate Root Cause Analysis procedures. It is recommended for consultants to become very familiar with essential procedures in their efforts to analyze problems in production level system landscapes.


  • To ensure success, SAP recommends combining education courses and hands-on experience to prepare for your certification exam as questions will test your ability to apply the knowledge you have gained in training.
  • You are not allowed to use any reference materials during the certification test (no access to online documentation or to any SAP system).
  • Some language versions may not be available at Pearson VUE. Please check the available language versions >here.

Topic Areas

Please see below the list of topics that may be covered within this certification and the courses that cover them. Its accuracy does not constitute a legitimate claim; SAP reserves the right to update the exam content (topics, items, weighting) at any time.

End-to-End Change Diagnostics> 12%

Explain how to collect version information on customer landscapes, detect changes to production and describe the architecture of Enhanced Correction and Transport System.

  • E2E100

End-to-End Workload Analysis> 12%

Demonstrate how to detect a general performance bottleneck on servers, compare ABAP and Java Root Cause Analysis, give an overview of Java Workload Analysis and ABAP process, show a Java Thread Dump Analysis, determine the Workload Analysis with Wily Introscope and Java Memory Analysis, calculate the ABAP Performance Statistics and provide an overview of the Operating System and Database Analysis.

  • E2E100

End-to-End Trace Analysis> 12%

Record and analyze an end-to-end Trace, demonstrate the BMC AppSight for client side Root Cause Analysis, perform Java Tracing with CA Introscope Transaction trace and ABAP Tracing with Application Trace (ST12) and SQL Trace (ST05).

  • E2E100

End-to-End Exception Analysis> 12%

Access logs and dumps for ABAP and non ABAP environments, perform an end-to-end Exception Analysis, determine Exception Analysis in Web Java and Web AS ABAP; change settings in log configurator and analyze single-and multi step exceptions with Exception Management Cockpit.

  • E2E100

Basics Incident Management8% – 12%

Explain end-to-end Root Cause Analysis, Cross component diagnostics, the key enabler SAP Solution Manager, and the incident Management process.

  • E2E100

Application and Data Inconsistency8% – 12%

Analyze data to determine inconsistencies and understand the reasons for data inconsistencies; analyze transactions regarding Transactional Correctness; conduct the functional Root Cause Analysis with ABAP Debugger.

  • E2E100