Course announcements

  • This course will give you deep knowledge about application design in SAP Lumira Designer, such as performance tuning, dynamic application design and much more.


  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Acquire deep knowledge about application design in Lumira Desinger.


  • Business Analyst




  • pracitical experience with SAP Lumira Designer

Course based on software release

  • SAP Lumira 2.1 Designer


  • Creating geo maps
    • Geo maps basics
    • Understanding and creating GeoJSON files
    • Geo maps scripting
  • Composites
    • Using composites
    • Creating composites
  • Using the result set in script
    • Looping over the result set in script
  • Dynamic creation of components
    • Creating components within scripting
    • Creating property binding within scripting
  • Advanced application design techniques
    • Creating generic applications
    • Using the new bookmarking concept
    • Understanding and using the commentary framework
    • Understanding and using scheduling of documents
  • Performance Optimization
    • Basic performance topics
    • Performance recommendations for application designers
    • Details for parallel processing scenarios
    • Performance recommendations for administrators