• Explain how workflows can be used in conjunction with the Internet and intranets
  • Understand how SAP WebFlow Services can be called within a workflow
  • Create workflows that use the WF-XML interface to communicate with workflows in other SAP or non-SAP systems


  • Workflow modelers
  • Workflow developers



  • * Required knowledge:
  • BIT601 SAP Business Workflow – Build and Use

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP Central Component 6.0


  • Use business processes that use the WF-XML interface via the Internet
    • WF-XML structures
    • Customizing WF-XML
    • Using WF-XML as a workflow step
  • Business processes that run via the Internet and call Web services
    • The WebFlow Service Handler and its components
    • Customizing the WebFlow Service Handler
    • Importing WSDL Web Service Definitions
    • Using Web services as a workflow step