• This course will prepare you to:
    • Develop reports
    • Create selections screens to enter restrictions for the data retrieval
    • Implement the retrieval for data stored on one or multiple database tables
    • Display data using the SAP List Viewer


  • Developer
  • Developer Consultant




Course based on software release

  • ECC6.0 EHP8 SP00/NW 7.5 SP01


  • Introduction to ABAP Reports
    • Using Standard Reports
    • Implementing a Simple List
  • Selection Screens
    • Implementing a Selection Screen
    • Implementing Multiple Selection Screens
    • Implementing Input Checks and Creating Variants
    • Modifying the Selection Screen at Runtime
  • SAP List Viewer (ALV) Creation
    • Using ALV Functionality
    • Preparing the Container Screen for an ALV Grid Control
    • Displaying Data using an ALV Grid
  • ALV Design
    • Programming Layout Variant Functionality in the ALV Grid
    • Changing the Layout of the ALV Grid
    • Adapting the Appearance of the ALV Grid
    • Adapting the ALV Grid Control using the Field Catalog
  • ALV Events and Methods
    • Handling Events of the ALV Grid Control
    • Handling Additional Events of the ALV Grid
    • Calling Additional Methods of the ALV Grid
    • Implementing Context Menus for the ALV Grid
  • Data Retrieval With Logical Databases
    • Explaining the Functionality of Logical Databases
    • Retrieving Data using Logical Databases
    • Using Advanced Functionality of Logical Databases
  • Data Retrieval Without Logical Databases
    • Reading Data from Multiple Database Tables
    • Implementing Aggregate Functions and Grouping in a SELECT Statement
    • Implementing HAVING and ORDER BY Clauses in SELECT Statements
  • The Call of Other Programs from ABAP Reports
    • Calling Programs and Passing Data
  • Background Processing
    • Performing Background Processing
  • ALV Object Model (OM)
    • Displaying Data with the ALV Object Model
    • Adapting the ALV Object Model Output
    • Adapting the Properties of an ALV