Course announcements

  • Commodity Price Volatility is constantly increasing for commodities like oil, copper, lead, zinc, sugar etc. Volatility is significantly higher than for currencies or interest rates and volatility has a high impact on the profit of many companies. Effectively managing commodities in purchasing and sales becomes essential as it is the base for any risk strategy.


  • In this course, participants learn about SAP Commodity Management in Procurement and Sales processes. This includes commodity specific configuration settings and commodity pricing. Participants will gain knowledge on how to integrate the necessities of commodity management into ERP logistic processes.


  • Project manager
  • Project team members
  • Consultants



  • Experienced Logistics Consultant, knowledge of ERP pricing is beneficial.


Course based on software release

  • Solution Release EhP7 for ERP 6.0


  • Commodity Management overview
  • Derivative contract specifications (DCS) overview
  • Commodity Pricing Engine (CPE)
  • Configurable Parameters and Formulas (CPF)
  • Quotation Forecasts
  • Price fixation
  • Logistic to Trading Integration
  • Commodity Documents in ERP Materials Management and ERP Sales and Distribution
  • Provisional & differential invoicing in MM and SD
  • Document Revaluation