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You Are A Techie

Are A Techie?

Are you that sort of person who cannot stay away from being constantly connected to technology? Do you always think about opening your phone up even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with it? Are you always on Google or on your smart phone checking out the latest technologies and updates coming up? If you nodded your head for all of the above questions, you are definitely a techie. Here are 7 points that make you a tech junkie:

1. Desperation for latest devices

No matter what device it maybe, if it is the latest, you want it. Sometimes you do not understand the need to own the latest gadget in the world, but because it is new and you are a techie, you need to have it. There are people who buy anything and everything possible and then do not know what they have to do with it.

2. You have to be in touch

There is nothing that can come between a tech and his/her gadget. Not friends, not family and not even food. The stomach might crave for food, but the heart is not. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Pinterest, you must be connected to at least one online network. Even if you are out on a date with that special someone, or just hanging out with a bunch of friends, you cannot stop emailing or texting or googling. If you do not have internet on your device, you feel paralysed.

3. Waiting to buy the latest gadget in the market

You Can´t Live Without Technology

You Can´t Live Without Technology

The third sign of being a complete techie is waiting for the latest gadget. You probably want to be the first among your friends to get your hands on the latest gadget. As a tech, your happiness can only be achieved by walking out of the store with the newest and latest gadget in your hand.

4. You want to everyone to be like you

You have friends and family that do not understand your craze. You want to show them the newest gadget or the latest update that just came in your phone. You want them to experience the same kind of joy, that you experienced when you purchased your latest device and you want to tell them how this world would be a better place if they were a techie, just like you.

5. You cannot live without it

Imagine your life without a gadget, miserable? You cannot even begin to imagine not having technology in your hand and stay connected to all the latest updates. You imagine your life with just a radio. You need your smart phone, your Ipad, your Ipod, your play station. You can only breathe when you have these things.


6. You think you have super powers

You Live In A Technological World

You Live In A Technological World

You tend to love the way people approach you for help. You love the way they are so handicapped without you, (if you are the only techie in the family). You love acting as your mother’s mother.

7. You love meeting people like you

When you come across people like you, you feel like the world is turning into such a better place to live in.
You’re absolutely a techie if you possess all these points in you. You are definitely a smart person, who can save a lot of gadgets lives.

Looking For Love Online

Looking For Love Online

There are about a million profiles floating in the dating websites and your profile is just one of them. Therefore, it has become that much more important to make a profile that actually gets read. Here are some tips that will make sure that your profile is not just viewed but read through too.

Be a good storyteller

Your Profile is a way of selling yourself and hence you should consider yourself to be a salesman. A good salesman is a good storyteller. Therefore, you need to be a good storyteller if you want to get the profile read. Just listing down your qualities will not help you. Thousand others have the same qualities so why should someone stop and read your profile. If you express the same qualities in the form of a story then it interests the reader.

Start is the key

Place Every Idea Carefully To Attract The Person You Want

Place Every Idea Carefully To Attract The Person You Want

According to dating websites experts, more than 80 percent people just scan through the first few lines of a profile before going to the next one. Therefore, if you want to make an impression, start is the most important. Be creative of how you want to express yourself in the first few lines. If the start is good, high chances that your profile will be read until the end. The trick is that the start should make the person curious about you. Regular starting line that I am a beautiful/handsome guy/girl who is ambitious, intelligent, blah blah is not very common, it seems a little phony too. Be real but in a creative way.

Do not oversell

You do not have to shout on the rooftop about your good qualities. Be as subtle as you can be. There is nothing more appealing than simplicity when expressed gracefully. People do not want to know how perfect you are in almost everything in this world. Flaunt just a couple of good qualities if you must but do not oversell at all. It should not be in your face.

Honesty is the best policy but you can hide a few facts

Think About What You want To Say

Think About What You want To Say

There is no point lying about yourself because even if you get to the actual date, you will put off that person who expected someone completely different. Therefore, honesty saves time, effort and may get you to a person who matches your frequency. However, honesty does not mean telling the world how bad you are at cooking or how much you hate kids and how you can live on just bear and pizzas for months. You can hide a few irrelevant facts for now.

Check your grammar and spelling

The biggest turnoff in a profile is when there is a “u” instead of you. Dating profiles do not have to be written in the same style as you probably write texts or messages. Double check the grammar and spelling before uploading your profile.

You Are Ready To Start Dating Online...

You Are Ready To Start Dating Online…

Your profile should depict how you are and not how others want you to be. It should be grounded and real. In a nutshell, it is an art of expressing the truth with a pinch of creativity and a dash of humor.

Sunglasses Sometimes Are A Necesity

Sunglasses Sometimes Are A Necesity

While driving down the road under the sun on a lovely warm day, the only thing that can spoil your fun is the glare in your eyes. You can avoid it by wearing sunglasses but only if you are not wearing your regular prescription eyeglasses. You may be carrying the clip-on sunglasses, but you know how inconvenient it is putting them on when you are driving. This is when you realize that prescription sunglasses may be a better option.

They Work if You Have Contacts

Even if you wear contact lenses, you may find prescription sunglasses handy at times. For instance, while on a beach you may want to wear a prescription sunglass to avoid damage to your contact lenses due to sand and water. Wearing normal sunglass over the contact lenses may still cause damage to the lenses and your eyes. If you have a prescription sunglass then you can carry it anywhere you want to and wear it conveniently whenever you need to.

What Options Are Around?

Looking Cool Wearing Sunglasses

Look Cool Wearing Your Sunglasses

Lens options for prescription sunglasses are virtually unlimited. You can get a prescription sunglass in just about any lens type. You can choose from lens materials such as polycarbonate, high-index plastic lenses, trivex lenses, aspheric lenses, polarized glasses, photochromic lenses and normal glasses.

Many consider that glass lenses offer the best optical quality but they are no longer the favorites. Their fragility is a clear disadvantage. Even if dropped from a small height they may break into pieces. Additionally, they are heavier than other materials and more inconvenient while wearing.

Polycarbonate lenses are quite impact-resistant and are more suited for people who are frequently involved in outdoor activities and sports. These lenses do not break easily and are scratch resistant too. Trivex lenses are quite similar to polycarbonate lenses, but they are made of better quality plastic and offer superior optical quality. Both these lenses offer ultraviolet protection.

People who do not want to keep two separate sets of eyeglasses for indoors and outdoors purposes can opt for photochromic prescription sunglasses. These sunglasses look like normal glasses but they darken automatically in the sunlight. When taken back indoors, they return to their normal state.

Can Your Sunglasses Block UV Rays?

The most important function of any sunglass is to block UV rays. UV protection is independent of the color density of the sunglass lenses. You only need to verify that the prescription sunglass you are buying offers 100 percent UV rays protection. UV rays can harm your eyes unless you have the right sense of protection.

These Sunglasses are Truly Convenient

Prescription sunglasses might cost a little more but they will be extremely convenient. You don’t need to carry additional clip-on shades. You can also wear them at places where you cannot wear contact lenses.

Prescription sunglasses are available in almost all the shapes and sizes as normal prescription eyeglasses. They are also available in almost all the styles as regular sunglasses, including brands, and designs.

What Will They Cost?

Choose The Right Sunglasses For You

Choose The Right Sunglasses For You

It’s a common misconception that prescription sunglasses are extremely expensive. They may be only as expensive as your normal sunglasses depending upon the type of lens and design that you go with. You can expect to buy a set of prescription sunglasses starting at $70 and going up to $700. Of course they are more expensive than your regular eyeglasses because they serve two in one purpose: They are not only able to protect your eyes but they will also be nice for helping you to keep your sight intact.

It’s true that prescription sunglasses can cost a good deal of money but they are especially convenient. They will certainly help you out with keeping your vision intact and will make you look impressive.

Go Online To Help Your Business To Flourish

Go Online To Help Your Business Flourish

Landing pages play an essential role to the number of leads you will generate. Many landing pages have the same errors that you should never commit. Correcting these mistakes can definitely help your business get more leads. With the help of, you won’t only have attractive landing pages, but effective ones. Here’s how can give you more leads through your landing pages:

They create a landing page headline that has impact

The headline tells the visitor what the page is all about. It expresses the benefits you have for them. More importantly, it encourages them to keep on reading. creates a headline that shows the benefits that you’re offering and ensures that visitors continue reading. The first line gives visitors a reason to think and the second line shows your offer.

They create landing pages that orient your visitors

Visitors don’t spend an eternity when they get into your landing pages. Thus, it is important to convince them to remain on the page. What you need is a page with a good layout and one that quickly loads.

They optimize web forms

Make A High Quality Website

Make A High Quality Website

Once the visitor is convinced and wishes to know more about your offer, he or she will proceed to the web form. creates an easy two-step process where visitors are asked for their names and e-mail addresses at the beginning and the rest of the information is requested on the next page. A lead that doesn’t provide complete information can be placed on a different group where they can be warmed up a little more so they will give additional info before your sales team goes to work.

They help you focus on one goal

Landing pages have to be specific. Don’t provide numerous offers to your visitors. can help you identify the offer that has the most appeal to your target audience. That’s precisely what should be found on your landing pages and not a bunch of offers that will only confuse your visitors.

They improve your page’s design

Attract Website Traffic To Your Business

Attract Website Traffic To Your Business

A page with a poor design may not send the right message. Website visitors can typically make judgments by just looking at the design. Poor images and a poor layout can ruin your chances of getting leads and conversions. can improve your page’s design by adding a photo of your team rather than using a stock photo. The web form should also stand out by placing it inside a box or putting a border. The Call To Action must also stand out with a bigger submit button.

Make An Interactive Website To Stay In Contact With Your Clients

Make An Interactive Website To Stay In Contact With Your Clients can do a lot of things to give you more leads. As an online entrepreneur, you know how stiff competition is. Every single entrepreneur out there is working hard to get leads and sales. You have numerous rivals to beat. Thus, you should grab every opportunity to have a beautifully designed landing page that is equally effective. You want to get as many visitors as you can and turn them into your customers. This way, you’ll turn into a happy and flourishing online entrepreneur in no time.

Don´t Be Afraid Of Blogging About Your Business

Don´t Be Afraid Of Blogging About Your Business

There are many business owners who have already found blogging effective and they do it regularly and consistently. However, there are many who have some secret fears due to which they do not take up blogging. As a business owner if you also have some fears keeping you from blogging, then you would like to know that there is nothing to fear about. Blogging will not only give your brand and business more visibility, it will also help in boosting the sales. Here are some secret fears that have kept you from blogging. Lose these fears and increase your online presence.

Business owners fear that maintaining a blog will be expensive

Absolutely not. With free blogging sites like WordPress and Blogspot, you don’t have to pay a dime to start blogging. These sites have virtually hundreds of themes and formats that you can choose from.

Business owners are not sure if they have anything to blog

Blogs Can Be An Excellent Tool For Your Business

Blogs Can Be An Excellent Tool For Your Business

This is one of the most common fears among business owners who don’t blog. They think that they have nothing to write and they may end up writing unnecessary things which will affect their sales. The good news is that there is always something to write about and share. If you are a business owner there’s got to be something you must be passionate about. You can blog about your passion and vision. You can blog about challenges you have faced and how you overcame them. People want inspiration and you can be one for them.

Business owners fear that they don’t have the skills of a writer

If you are not at all good at writing or if you are not comfortable writing, you can choose non-textual blog format. For instance, you can create videos and upload it on your official or personal blogs. You can upload product demonstration videos, factory visit videos, or other types of creative videos. You can also use a speech to text converter software if you don’t want to write by typing. There are more ways to get the writing done for your blogs. You can invite guest writers, or hire writers to write for you and your company. But you also need to know that you don’t need to be highly skilled to write a blog. If you can write a professional email, you can write a blog too.

Business owners fear that blogging will take too much time

Blogging will take time and there is no doubt about it. However, it doesn’t mean that you will have to spend whole day writing the blogs. You can take out an hour or so and write the blogs. Remember that time on blogging is the time good spent. It will help your business and brand in the future. If you can afford, hire writers for your business. This will save you time.

Business owners fear that their blogs will go unread

Start Blogging About Your Business And Be Ready For Success

Start Blogging About Your Business And Be Ready For Success

Of course people won’t read your blogs if they do not know that it exists. You will need to promote your blogs too. However, it is not really very difficult to do that. If you already have a Facebook fan page for your organization, you can update the blog link there. Even if you don’t have one, you have it promoted through paid Facebook promotion.

Blogging is a great tool to promote your business and your brand. All the big brands are using blogging tools to promote their products and services. You should also leverage on this great tool to build your brand.